Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Table and benches continued...

To pick up where we left off, it's bench time!

I chose this plan, again from Ana-white.com to follow.

And again, it needed a little personalization to fit our needs. We measured the space between the legs of the table where we wanted the bench to fit, and subtracted 2 inches, to give room on both sides. From there, we tweaked the measurements for the bottom. We also decided to do the legs a little different because the legs in the plan were a pain in the ass.

So we built them in about 30 minutes, and got ready to finish them.

We decided to stain the tops chestnut and paint the legs and aprons antique white.  To prep, we sanded everything until smooth. Then we stained the tops, and let it cure for 8 hours. Then we did one coat of polyurethane, let it set for 3 hours, and sanded the tops lightly. Then we did a second coat of Poly and let it cure for 24 hours and voila!



  1. I showed Tom and he was very impressed. He likes the look of it too, so he's agreed to let me sell our table and chairs so we can make one for our new place :)

  2. I'm so impressed! You did such a great job! Makes me want to follow one of Ana's designs.