Monday, May 23, 2011

Stripes, a love story

This is your typical love story.

Boy and girl think stripes would be a good idea.

Boy and girl start stripes.

Boy and girl resent stripes.

Boy and girl HATE stripes....

Boy and girl LOVE stripes C: It's like our own little romantic comedy!

Here's the long version.

Our original plan for the bedroom was to paint the walls gray with a yellow accent wall. Once we got into the room, and got the bedspread, we couldn't find a color yellow we loved. The real problem was that our bedspread kind of changes colors... In the daylight, it is a nice yellow color. But in the lightbulb light, it is almost lime green... Not what we wanted. So I didn't want to paint a wall that wouldn't look good with the blanket when the shades were closed...

So then I suggested, instead of yellow, lets do a wall of stripes! I had seen a few stripes before's and afters and LOVED them, so I suggested it. Andy LOVED the idea so we decided to do both the bedroom and bathroom in stripes!

This is the part where things got shady. In Red, I will write what would have happened if this were a perfect world. In Blue, I will write what really happened....

So we decided to paint all of the walls the lighter color, fully covered, so that we would only have to tape once, and all of the darker stripes would have the same base color. So we decided to tape the original walls, even though 3 of the walls were a tan color, and one wall was white. And everything was happily ever after... :) And that is where the trouble started... By not painting the walls a single base color first, we more than doubled our work load. We taped the ENTIRE room (which took FOREVER) and got ready to paint. We painted the light stripes first. 

Things started to look good, but then we realized we would have to tape the ENTIRE room again! GAH! So we got started on that, painting the dark gray stripes. We didn't end up taping everything again as we found I had a pretty steady hand and could paint an almost straight line :)

It wasn't perfect, but it would work, for now. 

Two days later, we finished the stripes in both the bedroom and the bathroom. Now they need to be touched up, but they are good enough, for now :)

This is the part of the story where the boy and girl fall back in love with the stripes and realize they were totally worth all the hard work and pain in the assness they really were. 



  1. I like the stripes! Very pretty :)

    I know they can be a pain in the butt though. I helped one of my closest friends paint her bedroom a couple years ago, and she wanted three shades of green and two of brown, with every stripe separated by white, alternating sizes between stripes. I decided if I ever did stripes, it definitely wouldn't involve six different colors of paint.

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