Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I need some style...

I seem to have no problem with style when it comes to my home decor, but with fashion, I have nothing! After perusing OldNavy.com I have found a few outfits I totally think I could rock, at work or in general.

I love how casual, but still work appropriate this is :)

Same with this! Super cute, but comfy!

This shirt might be my favorite! I could wear it with jeans or slacks :)

This one is really fun, and would look great under a cardigan or shrug :)

Like this one! I love this :)

I am in need of some cute shorts... And they look long enough for work too :)

I also need some comfy wedges! I am over wearing flats every day! These would look great with all of the above :)

So the next step is to get ready to spend some money, and bring on the fashion :)