Sunday, April 17, 2011

I love Target!

So we have started selling the stuff we don't need anymore on Craigslist! This is AWESOME because all the money we make goes toward the new house! Today we made $90 so I got to spend some! Here is what we got!

The rest of our set of plates and cups!

A porcelain vase that will sit in an alcove in our new house with a big plume of flowers coming out the top.

A Porcelain weaved fruit bowl

This awesome rug that I found in the clearance bin, for....

$5! It will go in the kitchen, by the sink : )

I also put in the order for those overstock bowls below! They should get in right about when our new bedding gets in! 

While at Target, we made some progress on the guest room! I want to make a patterned green fabric headboard, like this one

With a plain white comforter, lightly geometrically patterned white and green sheets. I like the blue wall like above, so maybe a blue accent wall... The feel of the new house I am looking for is "bright and airy" less "warm and dark".

As you probably know, I am a fan of shower curtains as regular curtains, and I found the perfect ones for  our living room! I want something white, with a light pattern or design. They are at target, but the pictures don't do it justice.

My next thing to think about is the bathrooms. Mainly the main guest bathroom. My master bathroom doesn't need to be anything fancy. So stay tuned for that. I am really excited to get in and make the new place our home. :)