Sunday, June 3, 2012

Show Off Sundays: DIY Chevron Glasses

If you remember way back to Monday, I posted a link to a tutorial on Hi Sugarplum to make DIY frosted chevron glasses.

I love these glasses and her tutorial seemed easy enough to follow, but I planned to make a few tweaks. I was going to use glass etching cream instead of frosted glass spray paint, so it was more permanent. (She mentioned that the spray paint is not dishwasher safe).

So I went to Ikea, and picked up some glasses, went to Michaels to get the painters tape and glass etching cream, and went to town.

I taped a chevron pattern starting at the bottom of the glass.

Then I brushed on a thick-ish coat of the Etching Cream.

Per the instructions, I let it sit at least 60 seconds to cure. After 60 seconds, you wash it off with cold water. I took off the tape and this is what I got.

Crap. Clearly it didn't really work. So I tried another glass, same procedure, but I let it sit for 5 minutes before I rinsed it off.

Marginally better, but still unacceptable. I really was hoping for a result like those above, a clean even frostiness that looks awesome. But it wasn't. I am not sure if more cream would be better, or maybe letting it sit even longer, but I am not confident even then I would achieve the results I was hoping for. So it looks like maybe spray paint is the way to go. And really as long as you don't put them in the dishwasher, they will look great.

So stay tuned for part 2, where I try again, using spray paint.

** Update** 7/8/12- A friend of mine recently etched her Pyrex's and left the cream on for 15-20 min and she said it left a very clean etch. I am determined to have dishwasher safe glasses, so I will be giving this method a try! Thanks Cyn!!

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  1. This might sound weird, but I think it actually looks kinda cool messed up.

    Maybe you didn't have an even layer of etching cream?