Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fun with Photoshop!

I can not wait to move into our new apartment! Until we do, I can't help but dream up ways to decorate it. You know, after we get everything unpacked! I shared my vision for the living room a few days ago, and I decided the room was not complete without a view of the other side. We will have our entertainment center in the middle, and I want to get 4 ikea Billy shelves (the half sized ones) to put on either side of the tv. I want to paint the backs the same color yellow as the back of the entertainment center.


Of course the shelves will be filled with books, movies and some other decor items we have (like candle sticks, those popcorn tubs on the bottom shelf of the picture, etc). I love the look of the shelves, and the height is really cool too! I can't wait to get in our new place and get started!!