Thursday, January 27, 2011

It's time...

To get healthy. We have been living comfortably well overweight for a few years now. But things are changing. We are married, and we want to have kids within the next year, so it is time to get our bodies "baby ready." I order to do so, wee have joined weight watchers and a gym, both steps in the right direction. We began this plan on December 16th, and since then I have lost 10 lbs,and Andy has lost 2. This is the first step in a mile long journey.

Starting weights:
Mrs: 285 (currently 275)
Mr: 272 (currently 270)

Here are my goals.

Weight loss goal: 50 lbs by may, 80 lbs by September.
Qualitative goals: Buy an outfit at a normal store (chic Couture), wear high heels, wear boots, rock skinny jeans, run a 5K!

The most important goal is to get pregnant.

Here I will chronicle the efforts and successes of our plan.


  1. let me tell ya sister, the first time you get those skinny jeans on and you know you look awesome in them (rather than pretending you do) is an amazing feeling! I love shopping for clothes now, it's no longer a struggle that makes me want to cry! Keep it up, you can do it lady!

    Nearly at my 50 lbs mark myself, and never looking back!

  2. Awesome! I am so motivated by skinny jeans! I picture myself in a nice pair with a pair of high heel knee high boots that ACTUALLY zip up and I put down the cookies, and do some jumping jacks. lol. It is so motivating to have lots 3 inches from my waist!

  3. Well done you! I wish I had kept track of the inches as well as I've gone along, but oh well! Too late now! Mental images like that help, I've been envisioning a bikini with little denim shorts and flip flops :D I will be wearing a bikini this summer, goddamnit!

    It'll come off before you know it, I'm at about 9 months at the old weight watchers, but it's gone quite fast and each week a little more comes off (usually). I've loved doing the biggest loser with you and andy, it's nice to have the extra bit of support.

    We are gonna be a pair of smokin hot sisters, and leave behind the chubby Kisner legacy!